Got paper? is a free online web app to calculate yours and your family's toilet paper needs during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It has a cheeky tone and aims to bring some light relief to a serious situation, whilst being moderately useful and a little enlightening (clue - you don't need that much toilet paper!)


Got Paper is the most accurate, configurable and useful toilet paper calculator

Core features

  • supports multiple people such as family or flatmates
  • additional support for women (monthly use) and horny teenagers (daily use)
  • desktop, tablet and mobile ready
  • save to your phone's home screen to use as an app
  • has been translated into 12 languages


  • poos, pees and extras (once a day, once a month)
  • number of visits for each session
  • wipes per session
  • sheets per wipe
  • different roll sizes
  • different quarantine times


  • Buying: see how much you need to buy
  • Sharing: see how much you can give away if you have excess
  • Hoarding: see how long you'll last based on your usage


The app is now ad-free and open source!

This means:

  • if you are a user, you can just use the app without distractions
  • if you are a developer, you can see how it was put together


Got Paper was created by London web developer .

The initial version of Got Paper was thought of in the first weekend of social distancing here in the UK, in the first online meetup of Weekend Club, a London Indie Hacker's meetup. The initial calculation for how much toilet paper people actually need was written in Excel in a few minutes, then floated as an idea for something useful for the wider community.

The initial idea was to share the spreadsheet but because this is what I do for a living, I thought why not built it as an app? Got Paper was then developed and put online in 24 hours – including programming, branding and initial marketing.

Over the next week, additional functionality was added, including calculations for multiple people and additional modes for "hoarding" and "sharing". The following week, it was translated into 12 languages by popular request.

If you would like to show your appreciation you can "buy me a coffee" by making a small donation via the website Ko-fi.

Got Paper has now been released as an Open Source project, so you can play with it, learn from it, or even re-purpose it to build your own useful (Coronvirus or otherwise) tool. See the repo's readme file for more information.