A few things people have written about Got Paper?

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A few things people have said about Got Paper?

How stupid

Turnip King, Brisbane, Australia via Mail Online

Unbelievable waste of time

Lee, Manchester via Mail Online

If you never imagined that sites like this could exist... you were wrong πŸ˜†

@priscilawebdev via Twitter

Brilliant, hilarious, and actually correct. We need 6 rolls for a 2 week quarantine πŸ’©πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

@_JessicaSachs via Twitter

Who only uses 3 sheets to wipe your backside. I use more then that for sure.

Wobbly jelly tits, Birmingham, United Kingdom via Mail Online

Does it have a diarrhea mode?

Jhphoto1, Cheshire, United Kingdom via Mail Online

The most valuable startup now, growth potential insane. Invest now. #Corona

@signedness via Twitter

Finally... a useful #Covid19 pandemic related calculator... πŸ˜…

@daniel_kraft via Twitter

Who are they planning to sell that data to?

SilverIce, Hillarys Made-Up Bot Farm, Germany via Mail Online

This app should be banned. Simple as that.

Harry Barry, London, United Kingdom via Mail Online

To anyone who helped clear out the shelves of toilet paper ... here’s a useful website to help quantify just how much of an ass you are

@SpaceStoryLC via Twitter

Awesome bog roll calculator! 🚽🧻 My 9-pack should last us 2+ weeks... πŸ™ŒπŸ»

@Assam_in_china via Twitter

What a load of sheet

Jedi-NZ, Auckland, New Zealand via Mail Online


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